PADECO education consulting services cover most of sub-sector in education. A number of science and mathematics projects implemented by PADECO mainly focus on improvement of classroom teaching and training of trainers. The uniqueness of PADECO project implementation is both subject specific consultants and project management consultants are working together to achieve the project goal considering recipient country situation. In addition, PADECO education consulting services are now expanding to non-JICA clients such as ADB local government project. From March 2009, PADECO has been implementing 3-year upper secondary education project in Vietnam which is funded by ADB loan.

» Science and Mathematics Education: teacher training (pre-service & in-service), curriculum and textbook development, classroom teaching improvement (methodology and reflection in teaching), material development
» Primary and Secondary Education: nationwide, regional and local educational system planning, monitoring and evaluation, female education, education management, education reform and decentralization, school-/community-based education, school mapping and micro planning
» Other Education Sub-sector: early child development / education, vocational and technology education and training, higher education, educational facility design and development, distance education with Information and Communication Technology (ICT) development



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