Privatization and Private Finance

Many governments of developing countries are turning to private finance initiatives (PFI) to fund large scale infrastructure improvements as a viable alternative to draining public finances and national debt. PADECO is one of the few Japanese companies that can provide PFI advisory services to the international arena. This experience has been gained through studies within Japan itself and reviews of international cases. In addition to financing strategies, PADECO has carried out a number of projects aimed at assisting the corporatization and privatization of organizations. Examples of recent experience include the restructuring of Romania Railways, commercialization of a bus company in Russia, and public-private partnerships (PPP) for the road sector in Indonesia.

» Assessment of worldwide experiences in private sector involvement
» Identification of needs for private sector financing and operations
» Feasibility studies
» Advisory services for introducing private sector financing and operations
» Management and operations improvement for organizations being corporatized or privatized


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