Urban and Regional Planning

PADECO has carried out a number of urban planning projects for clients both in Japan and in developing countries. The work has included GIS and MIS technologies. Notably, the experience of studying various global cities has enabled PADECO to learn invaluable lessons from their development and expansion policies, including success factors, which can be applied to new cases. Disaster prevention is highly developed in Japan and PADECO has been part of its development by conducting several disaster preventions projects and plans within the country. Application of this expertise to developing countries is an expanding area that PADECO is now capitalizing on.

» Regional and urban development master plans, and land use plans
» Urban revitalization projects and integrated urban development
» Regional and urban disaster prevention plans (see Environment & Energy)
» Urban environmental management
» Urbanization policy studies
» Geographic Information Systems (GIS) development

Project Name Client Country
Capacity Development for International Trade Facilitation in the Eastern African Region (One-Stop Border Post Component) Japan International Coopeartion Agency Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda
Elaboration of the Inventory of Electrical Energy Projects in the Non-Interconnected Region of the Colombian Pacific Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Colombia
Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Feasibility Study for a Central Sewerage Treatment System in Hanoi JICA Southeast Asia, Vietnam
Study for Introduction of PPP for Sewerage Facilities in Hanoi JICA Southeast Asia, Vietnam
Procurement Assistance for Project for Disaster and Climate Change Countermeasures Using an Earth Observation Satellite JICA Southeast Asia, Vietnam
Preparatory Survey for the Indonesia West Java Province Intermediate Waste Treatment / Waste Treatment / Final Disposal Site / Operation and Maintenance (Infrastructure Public-Private Partership) JICA Indonesia
Consultancy Services for Governance and Infrastructure Improvement (GII) under the City Governance Project (CGP) for Five City Corporations Local Government Engineering Division (LGED), Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Cooperatives Bangladesh
Special Assistance for Project Implementation (SAPI) for Inclusive City Governance Project JICA Bangladesh
Preparing the Secondary Towns Integrated Urban Environmental Improvement Project Asian Development Bank Nepal
Belize City Master Plan Inter-American Development Bank Belize


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