Preparatory Survey for Port of Bujumbura Port Expansion Project

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Bujumbura Port is the largest port on Lake Tanganyika, but it cannot provide appropriate transport services because of a lack of cargo handling equipment and the limited depth of the port basin due to siltation and sedimentation. In the Master Planning Study for Port Sector in the Republic of Burundi, conducted by PADECO in 2011-2012, PADECO undertook consulting services for the expansion of Bujumbura Port, and prepared a preliminary design and cost estimate for these facilities, for which grant aid from the Government of Japan would be provided.

As the trade base and development node in this landlocked East African country, Bujumbura Port strategically dominates the country’s transport network. PADECO implemented the project to clarify the necessity and adequacy of the Government of Burundi’s assistance request and to prepare an outline design considering the proposed port development as a grant aid project to stimulate economic development in Burundi.  

The major services PADECO provided were as follows:

・Planning for the expansion of Bujumbura Port;

・Preliminary design of the container terminal and ship repairing facilities;

・Cost estimation;

・Planning for project implementation; and

・Environmental survey on surface-soil and lakebed sediment.