Hanoi Urban Transport Development Project: A Study to Demonstrate the “Basic Case” for Bus Priority Measures in Hanoi

Client Name: 
The World Bank

This Study defined the basic case for bus priority in Hanoi and recommended transport corridors for Bus Rapid Transit. Overall, the Study formed a preliminary view on the bus priority strategy for Hanoi in the period 2005-2015; assessed existing and forecast travel demand; proposed selected corridors for a Phase 1 Program of bus priority; outlined the characteristics of bus ways and bus fleet, and established economic parameters. The Consultant Team undertook surveys on vehicle counts, vehicle speeds, and stated trip preferences (which was used to assess potential modal transfer from bike to bus). In particular, the Consultants’ experience of BRT in Latin America was applied to Hanoi to propose and justify median busways and articulated buses with left-side doors, while taking into account other travels modes including a proposed tramway for one of main transport corridors. The Consultants prepared two workshops to present and discuss the Study’s findings. Following this successful conceptual study, the Hanoi authorities and World Bank later commissioned a Feasibility Study to take forward the recommendations