Central Corridor Railway Revitalization and Energy Efficiency Project

Client Name: 
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

The network of the Central Railway in Tanzania consists primarily of the 1,251 km Central Line between Dar es Salaam and Kigoma, as well as the 378 km Mwanza Line between Tabora and Mwanza. It has the potential to provide not only a strong foundation for freight transport in Tanzania but also to connect Tanzania with the neighboring landlocked countries. 

The current operations of the Central Railway are a mix of freight and passenger services. Nevertheless, its infrastructure is outdated, poorly maintained, and does not meet market expectations. In fact, its freight traffic has fallen dramatically in the past decade due to: (i) mainly a severe shortage of locomotives and wagons, (ii) to a lesser degree, strict speed restrictions resulting from a serious lack of track rehabilitation and maintenance, and (c) service disruptions due to flooding along sections between Kilosa and Gulwe.

The objective of the study was to examine project plans for increasing the share of rail freight transport along the Central Corridor in order to improve domestic logistics systems, as well as enhance and rationalize energy use.