Capacity Development for International Trade Facilitation in the Eastern African Region (One-Stop Border Post Component)

Client Name: 
Japan International Coopeartion Agency

To promote economic integration in the East African Community (EAC), JICA has implemented capacity development projects for respective revenue authorities of the respective Partner States since 2007. In its most recent phase, JICA broadened the project scope to cover the introduction of one-stop border posts in the region, particularly at Namanga (Kenya/Tanzania) and Rusumo (Rwanda/Tanzania). As a trade facilitation tool applied at borders, the one-stop border post (OSBP) concept promotes a coordinated and integrated approach to facilitating trade, the movement of people, and security. The concept eliminates the need for travelers and goods to stop twice for border crossing.

Technical support that PADECO has provided includes:

  1. development of procedures for OSBP operationalization and enhancement of stakeholders’ understanding of OSBPs by organizing joint border coordination committees and joint technical committees and facilitating committee meetings to implement operationalization of the Namanga and Rusumo OSBPs;
  2. development of a regional OSBP procedures manual in close consultation with the EAC Secretariat and the then five Partner States through five regional technical committee meetings;
  3. planning and implementation of training and sensitization programs to increase stakeholders’ awareness and understanding of concepts, benefits, and procedures of OSBPs, including development of training and sensitization materials (e.g., case studies, videos);
  4. monitoring the progress of operationalization of the subject OSBPs and reviewing OSBP procedures for fine-tuning;
  5. conducting time measurement surveys to analyze the impacts of OSBP operationalization; and
  6. identifying lessons from the OSBP operationalization for input to the second edition of the OSBP Sourcebook published by JICA in May 2016.