Yuichiro Motomura
President and CEO

With a BS from the University of Tokyo and an MS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Mr. Motomura has more than 25 years of experience in international consulting. Prior to establishing PADECO, he was a senior consultant at a major international consulting firm. Until November 2005, he served as chairman of the Engineering Consulting Firms Association (ECFA) of Japan. He is still active participating in projects in the field.

Yukiko Koyasu
Member, Board of Directors and CFO
In Charge of Finance, Operations and General Affairs

With an MBA from the University of Rochester, Ms. Koyasu is in charge of administrative tasks and corporate finance at PADECO. As a general manager, she has established a state-of-the-art administrative system integrating project/personnel management and corporate accounting and finance.

Norio Kato
Member, Board of Directors and Director
In Charge of Education Development and Economic/Social Development

Dr. Kato received a B.E. degree from Aichi University of Education, and a Ph.D from the Graduate School of International Development, Nagoya University. He has worked in various education projects of JICA and ADB, drawing from his teaching experience in Japanese schools. He leads the internationally known Education Development Division.

Nobuo Endo
Member, Board of Directors and Director
In Charge of Transport Infrastructures Development

Registered Engineer (construction)", BS in Civil Engineering, Tohoku University, After working for construction projects in Middle East and South-east Asia, engaged in many ODA studies/surveys as team leader. Responsible for management and promotion of Transport Infrastructure Division.

Takashi Soma
General Manager of Education Development Division

Mr. Soma holds a BEd from Yokohama National University and an MA in International Education from the University of Sussex. After working as a high school teacher, he has participated in many JICA science and mathematics education projects in Asia and Africa. In addition, he was stationed in Dhaka as South Asia Regional Representative of PADECO for business development and management of projects for national governments.

Yohei Soma
General Manager of Infrastructure Development Division
In Charge of Vietnam and Bangladesh Offices

A graduated of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, he joined PADECO after working in Japan and Southeast Asia for a general contractor, mainly on port construction projects. He is responsible for infrastructure development projects for JICA, including studies and official development assistance loan projects, as well as projects for other development partners and overseas governments. Specifically, as General Manager of the Infrastructure Development Division, Mr. Soma supervises marketing and operation of planning, road/port/water, railway, and space aviation projects.

Noriaki Ebii
In Charge of PADECO’s India Branch and PADECO India Private Limited

Mr. Ebii is a Registered Engineer (Construction) with a degree in Environmental and Sanitary Engineering from Kyoto University. After working for one of Japan’s largest construction companies, he joined PADECO and has been in India since 2012 supervising several infrastructure projects. He is a leader in initiating  PADECO’s global strategy.

Bruce Winston
Executive Advisor
In Charge of Development Banks and United Nations Headquarters Projects

Mr. Winston received a BA from the University of Chicago, an MCP from Harvard University, and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Washington. Combining expertise in several development fields, he has led, coordinated, or otherwise contributed to a large number of projects for major development banks.

Yasunori Takahashi
Executive Advisor
In Charge of Railway Development

Mr. Takahashi holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Engineering from Kyoto University. During his work for the former Japanese National Railways (JNR) and Japan Railway Construction Pubic Corporation (JRCC), he was dispatched as a JICA Expert to Bolivia, Thailand, and Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo) for two years in each country. Later he joined the Japan Railway Technical Service (JARTS) and continued his work in railway planning in developing countries. In March 2017 he joined PADECO.