Our Uniqueness and Strength

A Japan-based internationally recognized consulting firm

PADECO was established in 1983 as a group of multi-national professionals with extensive experience in international consulting. We have since grown into one of the leading internationally recognized consulting firms in Japan with a multi-national staff in offices throughout the world. We employ specialists in a diversity of fields including: engineering and project management in highways, ports, railways, water, and others, economics, climate change, transport, urban and regional planning, education, finance, social development, policy analysis, law, systems analysis, tourism, environment, institutional development, governance, information technology, project management, and other key sectors.

A diversity of clients

PADECO enjoys a wide client base in developed and developing countries focused on national and local governments as well as international and bilateral development agencies but we also provide services to private sector clients. Although the robust solutions we offer lead to a number of repeat clients, we also actively pursue new client opportunities. The diversity of our clients demands flexibility in project implementation in order to further the development of the world.